Morello World by Duncan McNair

Hello, I'm Mr Morello

Welcome to my new siteweb. The Mrs said she'd do the writing but anyway she's busy upstairs with curlers and a facial mudpack (slow motion car crash etc) so I've got in first.

It's all to do with my book The Morello Letters and the new one More Morello Letters. They're about famiglia in our house in Ealing and the menageries which I run with goats, piggs, alcapas, aplacats llamas, skunks and Mrs Morello. And the
ma-in-law (88). And a guerilla.

The books are full of real letters that me and the Mrs write (with some help from Mr D McNair) to famous celebs like Tony Bliar, The Archbishop of Canterbury and Sir Cliff Richardson, all about our gerbils and other things we ask them. The letters actually get posted in the letterbox up the road. Then we get real replies from the celebs. And put them in
our books, which you can buy here.

Hoping you like my site's opening. And the Mrs'.

Apologies for the Inglis being Italianate.

all the best

RM Morello (Signor).

PS: Do hop into the site and inspect some letters and the merchandise.

PPS: please mind the goatfood on the way out.
         Apologies for the inconveniences.

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