Morello World by Duncan McNair

About the Author

Duncan McNair

Duncan McNair is the youngest of 7 children of a renowned Second World War fighter pilot. He is a well-known lawyer conducting high profile commercial and human rights cases in the High Court and the European courts.

Duncan is also Mr and Mrs Morello, their three idling kids, Professor Wedbetter, the Reverend Scrimshaw DD, Noleen O'Riordan, Mr Derek Hardstaff MA (Oxon) and many other characters including several goats from Morello's Menageries whose views are related through the pages of his books The Morello Letters and More Morello Letters - Pen pal to the super stars.

Being a goat, emu or gerbil is something Duncan takes in his stride. "As the smallest of a large and boisterous family" explains Duncan "much of my youth was spent in headlocks at the instance of one or other of my siblings for a variety of misdemeanours. Learning whilst restrained to utter a range of animal noises proved useful in attracting help or if that failed in amusing my assailants into loosening their grip. I haven't looked back since."

With these skills and little else under his belt, Duncan set off for Bristol University to read law, a different form of subjugation but equally painful. Here he mastered the technique of braying loudly and often (or pleading, as lawyers term it). He became interested in the Debating Union, chiefly for its convenient proximity to the University's bar (scrumpy 8p a pint). To his surprise he found himself Vice-President and so regularly stretching his hind legs for the benefit of ever larger audiences.

Duncan's university career was funded by various holiday jobs in locations as exotic as East Acton (to which he was tempted by the joys of swimming pool attendance) and Swindon (insurance claims investigator, or "chin rubber"). A stint as a cycle courier in Central London (aka "organ donor") proved brief and alarming.

More settled employment as a solicitor followed. After Duncan took up as a hack (author), Morello was born and the letters started flowing. Events moved rapidly and The Morello Letters was published by Harper Collins in 2006, reaching No 1 in the Amazon rankings for humour. More Morello Letters was unleashed in late 2011 to stellar reviews. The broadcaster Jon Snow describes it as "the funniest book I have ever read".

Duncan lives in West London, coincidentally in the same house as the Morello family and their menagerie beasts. He regularly speaks publicly. Recent addresses have been in the Houses of Parliament and to the Cambridge Union.


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